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The Essence of Buffer Overflow Exploitation

September 21, 2018

Introduction What is the common thing between the WannaCry ransomware (2017), the Conficker worm (2008), and the Blaster worm (2003)? They all exploited buffer overflow vulnerabilities in Microsoft network services and protocols! Those vulnerabilities were outlined in the following Microsoft …

Top Six Engines for Intelligence Gathering

October 29, 2017

Introduction Intelligence gathering can be the most underestimated phase in penetration testing despite its extreme importance. It requires patience and diligence, and the penetration tester needs to connect the dots of seemingly unrelated pieces of information to form a complete …

Bind and Reverse Shell with Netcat

July 17, 2017

Overview One of the most important things in hacking – and penetration testing – is to maintain a remote access to the victim. Such remote access would enable us to control the compromised system remotely with the highest possible privileges. …